Originally from Nottingham, spent a long time in Spain, now based in Edinburgh.
I'm an 3rd year animation student at Edinburgh College of Art.
Here I will be posting work from my course and also personal projects and doodles.

Ask me things and make my day

I am open to commissions.

(ECA ANIMATION BLOG LINK) (Which you should totally follow)

And here’s a more current picture of me
All of my pictures are of my deathhawk
I also drew this Himba woman
I drew this when I was 14 on flash hahahahah
I drew a chimp at the zoo with a really gross butt, also I have unlimited free zoo for like a few months r u jelly?
Some exerpts of my cardboard rat model scurrying around in public
Clearly a giraffe

Ok, so I’ve been interning on a kids show for the BBC lately so none of the stuff I have made lately is able to be posted online or I would rightly get fired.

SO in the meantime, here’s the vimeo version of my last film because vimeo doesnt horribly reduce the quality of the first few seconds.

Also soon I shall be posting a new personal animation yay! 

Sorry I have been lame