Originally from Nottingham, spent a long time in Spain, now based in Edinburgh.
I'm an 2nd year animation student at Edinburgh College of Art.
Here I will be posting work from my course and also personal projects and doodles.

Ask me things and make my day

I am open to commissions.

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Anonymous: MARRY ME!

this is all very sudden

The original loop
So I forgot I was in the shot and it looks like im dancing and it gets dark at the end because the sun was setting
other than that… A SUCCESSFUL FIRST TEST yay
punk rock \m/

So apparently you’ve been pitcher planting so much ben that you’re actually in the top 4 blogs for the tag omfg 

This is amazing omgI see you other blogs, and I’m comin’ for ya

Breaking news

31. March 2014

Hobbycraft is still a huge douche and has not delivered my urgently needed art supplies