Originally from Nottingham, spent a long time in Spain, now based in Edinburgh.
I'm an 2nd year animation student at Edinburgh College of Art.
Here I will be posting work from my course and also personal projects and doodles.

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23. July 2014

Because I’m lame and havent posted anything lately

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Quoth the raven “Name even two Bauhaus B-sides you poseur”And yes that is how you spell it…More animation like this here - Bensartbin.tumblr.com
I was bored so I made a jerky gif of a bear looking around at nothing
Takin’ care of business
Full film here

Nepenthes Violencia

YAY I finally finished it :D

Also an awsome musician from Sweden is going to write some music for it soon :D

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More here - Bensartbin
Trouble for onewing?
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The showdown begins
More here - Bensartbin
another snippet
run test